Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For those of you who read this blog. My friends who know me, my stalkers who used too, and the three random people from Germany (WTF) some of you may know I dabble in fictional writing as well as a steady stream of popular fanfiction.

Anyway, after taking a wonderful writing course recently, I’ve been getting seriously into writing again. Around this time, a fellow author from a fiction-sharing site I frequent posted a challenge.

The challenge was as follows:
“Alright, pick your favorite album or band and write a drabble for each song. You can only listen to that one song while you write, but you can repeat the song as many times as you need to. The drabbles can be on just one album or all of one band's albums. They can have any characters, any themes, any pairings. No hold barred!


For those of you unawares, Drabble is a word often misused in the writing industry as “A short work of fiction,” In all actuality, a Drabble is a story that must be EXACTLY 100 words in length. Not 99. Not 101. 100. This is especially difficult for writers like me who spend most of their time on descriptions. This also makes for lengthly re-wording and editing.

So, here we go. I’ve started my Drabble challenge with Meg & Dia’s album Here, here and here.

So for the next 13 days I’ll be posting a Drabble a day. The Drabbles are in order of song placement on the album, not plot time line. So things may be a bit confusing. But that’s part of the fun. I’ll get around to posting the actual plot time line so you can go back and Re-Read them in correct order.

Anyway, the Drabbles are all connected, following a un-known time line between two main characters sometime during the 1930’s-40’s-50’s? (Even I don’t know!) Someone asked me recently to try my hand at romance again, so here I am.

As always, everything but the lyrics (Plot, characters, quotes) are copy written by me and the voices in my head.


P.S. Because these are so easy to read (i.e. Short) and my first real attempt at romance in quite some time I would appreciate comments/reviews of them. *cough* Cookies for commenters...?

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