Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7. Bored of your love

So...I'm getting bored.


I wish you would put effort in trying to make this work

(I would if you ask me, I'd do anything for you)

“I am trying,” She countered, squaring for a fight.

“So am I,” He snapped. His shoulders slumped and he looked psychically shaken. “But it’s not working,”

The truth was, it hadn't been working for a while. And they both knew it. They weren't children anymore.
There was only so much one could do.

“No,” She agreed, nodding. “It isn’t,”

“Lets take a break,” He offered, swallowing hard. “Just to see where things are going,”

She shrugged almost uncaringly while she packed as if already defeated. “Alright. Lets do that,”

She kissed his cheek and she was gone.


I wish we were strangers
(It's not like were strangers)

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