Monday, December 6, 2010

6. Black Wedding.


What this is about.

Anyway, anyone who's been reading my writing for any length of time pretty much knows there's no happy ending.... not for me anyway.

Reference? Please? *sigh* My geekery knows no bounds.

"It's not all "roses" like your momma said,

We're not spoon fed anymore.
So you gonna tell, all our kids I was an "accident,"
Ironic, true, but that's the way you act, when you're upset, so let's take this outside."

This was not the wedding where he saw himself as the groom.

The women walking down the aisle was not the women he would have thought he’d be marrying.

No, that women was sitting several feet away looking incredibly bored.

But she wasn’t his bride and he was, unfortunately, the groom.

He wondered vaguely where everything had gone wrong while the wedding march played and the minister spoke. Had they had problems before he left? He could hardly remember anymore.

He’d loved her.

He still did.

So why in the world had he just said

“I do,”?

"Some people swore they saw the devil.
While most prayed they wouldn't last a winter.
It was a black wedding, your girl has blessings all around,"

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