Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12. Kiss you Goodnight

So, we're almost done here, can't say I didn't enjoy writing these things. I'll definitely be doing more drabble challenges in the future.
Anyway, onward!


“You open your mouth, like an asthma attack, you repeat,

“If all that you take from this is courage, then I’ve no regrets.”

He found her completely inspiring. Her personality had grown tenfold in only a matter of weeks after leaving her boyfriend. She was everything he thought she would be and more.

She was intelligent and serious, whimsical on her own terms.

If anything, he liked who she made him. She made him think.
He could honestly say he was a different person when he was around her.

Her thoughts were said aloud, no matter how honest or odd. Her emotions were hidden, but only below the surface.

He found himself speaking his own thoughts aloud.

If only to make her smile.

“Don’t settle for less again. You’ve become more than I could have become for you.”

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