Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ulterior motives

I’m very good at figuring out peoples ulterior motives. I’m one of those quiet people who will sit back and just pick people apart. I’d make a great psychologist.

I’m great at just sitting down and figuring people out. Alcoholic parents? I’ll know about it way before you come out and mention it.

I guess it also helps that I’m that person that people gossip too. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve known you, or if I ever know your name, doesn’t matter. I’ll sit there with complete strangers and get their complete life stories in a matter of minutes. I don’t know if it’s because I have the air of already knowing, or if I’m just very easily trusted.

I used to think manipulation would be a great skill to have, but I never put much work into figuring the whole thing out. I learned what questions to ask instead.

Maybe not a psychologist, maybe an interrogator.

I’m a curious person. The people close to me have come to accept the fact that I ask odd questions, and go through their bags (with their permission!).

Most people are boring, normal, uninteresting. There’s no real use getting to know them, because in the end I already do. Their just like every other John, Jane and Sue.

There are other people, who are just creepy. I tread lightly with them. No need to get to deep into that subconscious. I try to stay far away from these people.

Then there are the people who become my friends. They're the people I can never just figure out. Those people interest me. The people with lots of secrets, or scars.

The only problem I have with these people, is seeing as I can’t figure out what they want, what ulterior motive they have, I tend to wonder why they want to spend time with me, or have any sort of relationship with me.

Maybe they’re just like me? Trying to find people they just can’t figure out?

Because of this I never expect anything from anyone. I sit back, and get through whatever I have to get through by myself. It always greatly surprises me when someone actually shows some interest in my life, and then I’m sitting there wondering

“Why....are you here...talking to me?”

Every single one of us has an ulterior motive.

I just need to figure out mine.

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