Sunday, February 21, 2010


I didn’t sleep last night.

I tried to sleep last night. Really, I did. But after being going to bed around 10:30, I was woken up at 11PM, Midnight, 3AM, 5AM and 7AM.

Really, whats the point of sleeping if someones just going to wake you up?

See, my mother and I are those weird animal people. There’s fur all over the insides of our cars, paw prints and animal rights bumper stickers on the outside. We always have extra leashes, water bowls, food, collars and biscuits packed up with us just in case.

I used to do a lot of dog and cat fostering, before my animal family grew to a large size for a tiny apartment. I started taking more classes and more trips, leaving me less time to socialize or work will neglected, injured, untrained or otherwise skittish dogs.

Anyway, recently I’ve been pushing myself back into the animal rescue community, much to the pride (and dismay) of my poor mother. I work with one rescue called Help Save One ( Marissa, the CEO/founder of the group is a wonderful, dedicated women who would probably save a dog over a human. She rescues all of her dogs from down south, where they still use the torturous gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals.

Most of the dogs are given only two days to find a home. Young, old, cute, normal looking, purebred, mutt, big, small, pregnant, injured. Doesn’t matter. Two days.

So yesterday, she posted a few photos of some dogs she needed foster homes for. Two of them were small Shepherd mix puppies. I ended up taking them off the transport truck 7AM this morning.

My mother and I will pretty much take anything, from Yorki's to Pit bulls, I don't usually like male dogs. Simply because they have penises. So they're usually messier, more excited and more pushy.

However, the two pups are both males. One, Jefferson, is a black 10-12 week old pup, smaller then my ten pound cat.

The other Jelly, has typical Shepherd markings (Very nice ones I may add) and is a little smaller.

They brought a whirl of activity into the house as soon as I carried them in. The cats hadn’t expected visitors, and they ran quickly when they realized puppies had once again been admitted into the household.

Jillian, a tired looking but friendly transporter had told me to feed them and water them as soon as possible, as they hadn’t had much in their 16-20 hour trip up north. I let them run around in abandon as I grabbed them some food bowls.

I can honestly say, I was worried about Uma, my adult female Shepherd. Recently she hasn’t been too friendly to dogs she’s met on walks, I’ve been trying to remedy this, but sadly, none of my friends have dogs, never mind dogs they’d let me use in a training session.

But Uma surprised me, she wasn’t at all aggressive towards the pups, she ran up with her own puppy attitude and wanted to play. She has a good forty pounds on the pups, but they didn’t seem to mind rough housing a bit with her.

It’s been five hours since the pups have arrived. They’ve eaten, messed, chewed, and done everything else a puppy is supposed to do.

Turns out the two of them are pretty smart. Almost as soon as they calmed down I started housebreaking them, and they’re getting it, slowly, and Jelly has already learned sit!

Jefferson is running just a bit behind, but he’s doing wonderful.

They’re both incredibly sweet dogs, their only real goal is having a lap to lay on.

I had a lot planned for the little guys today, but I’m exhausted, and all I want to do it cuddle up and go back to bed. I think they feel the same way. They’re laying on each other in a heap on my floor. Fast asleep.

They’re settling in wonderfully, and I can see they’ll be VERY easy to adopt.

So, my only goal now is getting both of them walking well on a leash and getting them started on all of the basic obedience commands.

Maybe I’ll write a bit more about the two of them later, after a nap.

In the mean time, anyone want a puppy?

They aren't dead. I promise.

"If you eat all your kibble, you can grow up big and strong like me!"

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