Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Due to my lifestyle, I’m very much capable of going MIA for long periods of time if it suits me. It often does.

In the end I might as well live up in the mountains for the amount of people willing to check on me.

See, even in this high-tech world if people can’t contact you through a computer or a phone actually physically checking on someone can be quite a chore.

Removing yourself from the outside world for periods of time can be a wonderful or terrible thing. If you’re more of a solitary person, being left alone can be one of the best things anyone can do for you.

I’m spending the next nine weeks at home with my dogs. I’m putting myself through a 28 day full-body detox, as well as eight weeks of dieting and working out. Now seems like the perfect time to put myself through my paces.

For awhile now I’ve had this terrible feeling of claustrophobia, my life here is too small, my horizons smaller. I also have this terrible, nagging urge to just go. Go somewhere. Anywhere, anyhow.

Take my chances on truck stops and state lines.

I also need to take a big step back and get away from the people I know here. I dislike being used for whatever reason, and I've found that most of the company I keep I'd much rather cut all ties with.

I’m not a person that does well being stuck in one place for too long, I’d be perfectly happy living in a van.

So I’m preparing for that. I’m selling things, going through things, downsizing.

I want to go on vacation come Spring.

I need to get away from this place.

One thing about Rhode Island I heard long ago is that if you don’t get out early, the place just sucks you right back in.

And I can’t survive like that.

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