Thursday, February 4, 2010

I need to sleep.

Seriously.... Exercise hurts.

After a mile run with the girls this morning, a full body detox, weight lifting and other exercises, I'm already totally beat.

On top of my goal to get totally flat, buff and tan by summer, I'm also doing all the housework, the pet work, and I'm taking care of my mother who currently can't walk.

It's exhausting.

I have 2 dogs, 5 cats, a bird, a horse and 2 rabbits.

Taking care of them can be an all day affair. Heck, cleaning up all the hair from the house everyday can take a good two hours. Then there's feeding, walking, watering, brushing, cleaning....the list goes on.

Now there's all the household work I'm doing, the dishes, the laundry, the yard work, the sweeping, the vacuuming, the cooking....urg.

I need a hug.

And a maid.

A guess adding to the fact that I'm waking up every couple hours doesn't help much either.

Anyway, I'm pretty much just updating the people I know who stalk this blog what's going on over here and why I'm not writing about anything interesting, which I apologize for.

However, I do have a novel started, a new supernatural romance I think you'll like.

I'll post a bit of it here when I get a chance.

On that note,
I'm going to sleep.


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  1. Awwww :( That sucks :/ I want to be down there right now to help you out!