Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Things

“Often little things bring back memories that were once very fond” Sunshine tells me over our computers as I tell him about my day.

It’s true. With me it’s scents. One whiff of a scent can bring me back a good five years to a memory that makes me feel completely at ease. This quickly turns to nostalgia.

Like tonight, I was at my local supermarket stocking up for whatever storm we’re supposed to get tomorrow. There I was, waiting for my friend to finish shopping in the *eek* spam section, making sure, of course to stand a good five feet away and pretend I wasn’t with him.

So I’m there, pacing between aisles, pretending to be interested by a sale on cereal when someone walked behind me and I got hit in the face with a strong scent that brought back image after image of one of my ex-boyfriends.

The scent and the images were so strong I stopped pacing and looked around, just in case. Of course, he wasn’t there, I hadn’t expected him to be there. But the idea that he *was* there was so strong I just had to check.

These things happen to me occasionally. The scent of Peach essential oils bring me straight back to a summer day when I was eleven when I got my first official dog.

The scent of chocolate reminds me of my mother, the smell of pine trees bring me back to a winter day a few years ago when my mother and I took forever digging a hole into the frozen ground in our backyard to plant our eco-friendly Christmas tree and the scent of puppies (they all the smell the same) brings me a feeling of great happiness.

I’m so sensitive to scents, that I’ll sometimes make a complete idiot of myself over them. I’ve made the mistake several times of blurting out things about them.

Blurting “You smell nice” while hugging someone without thinking really isn’t something someone should get in the habit of, and trying to explain any of this to someone just makes me seem all the weirder.

I know another girl who can be brought to her knees just by hearing a certain noise, that’s her thing. One noise can bring her five years back to whatever she was doing last time she heard it.

So whats your thing?

What “Little thing” brings back memories for you?


  1. Smells have a tendency to affect me that way, as well... The smell of my dad's cologne makes me remember being a little kid and the family getting all dressed up for holidays/special occasions (even though he still wears it now). And there's this certain apple-scented hand soap that Bath and Body Works makes, oh my gosh, it's really weird, but something about it smells like MY ex. o_O Hahaha. Yeah, I can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sort of the same with scents. :D


  2. A song can bring a whole section of my life back. A scent can send me into a complete daze. A sound can make me smile or frown from remember I time just like it. Touching something that is familiar for feels similar to me or even being touched by someone else special to me can calm me down in a heart beat. A place can put me in a haze. The list can just go on and on. Sometimes I hate how so many things can be related to memories or people, but sometimes it can become the brightest hour of my darkest day.

  3. To me, simply looking at the night sky bringsback the few memories of my childhood where I wasn't saddened or depressed.^_^

  4. Standing in the snow, looking at the stars makes me think of *my* ex. Other than that, our friends have a tent that smells like my first best friend...quite overwhelmingly, in fact. And the smell of hospitals makes me feel cold, unfeeling, and almost scared. I can't even really listen to various songs anymore, because they make me think of certain times when I felt a certain way that I shouldn't feel again. It's all very exciting...