Thursday, March 25, 2010

Food for thought

I'd like to start this blog by saying that I love food.

and not in the normal "I eat this stuff to survive It's pretty cool shit" type of love either.

I *really* love food, honestly, the thought of not following a stranger with food was just totally foreign to me...
I can get distracted by a bar of chocolate.

In fact, the only reason I go on 2-3 miles jogs and lift weights and do yoga is so I can eat more food and not gain weight.

If I could, I would always be snacking.

But one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone comments on what I'm eating.

People around me always seemed surprised that I actually eat.
I will usually get a comment like this:

"You eat pizza? How can you possibly eat pizza? Look at you!"

What I always fail to mention to these people is that this is probably my 4th piece of pizza and I ate a bag of Jelly beans on the car ride over.

Now, I don't go into how I stay thin, because in the past this has gotten me into quite some trouble when my work out plan hasn't worked for others.

What I always find odd however, is that these people who supposedly know me think I'm some strange Alien life form that feeds on souls and lettuce.

I mean what do you people think I do? Eat this stuff and then just magically not take on the calories?

This train of thought has also gotten me into some trouble in the past when someone spread a nasty rumor that I had an eating disorder.

Note: I'm not having children ever because of the whole throwing-up business, there is no possible way I would ever have an eating disorder.

And so I'm stuck in this awkward predicament where I'm having lunch or something with friends, and as women, we seem to have this sickness where we have to comment on whatever the people we are dining with are eating.

"I honestly couldn't eat that, that would go straight to my hips!"
"I thought you were on a diet,"

And someone always manages to leave me feeling guilty as I nod awkwardly and look around for the check.

And what I really feel like saying in this situation is something like this:
"I'm thin because I work out! I'm thin because I work out A LOT, I'm sorry you arent as motivated as me to stay healthy and you play World Of Warcraft in your basement every night, maybe THAT'S why you're packing on the pounds, because you sit there eating donuts everynight,"

I think this is one of the reasons I prefer male friends over females, because the only time a guy will ever care about how much the girl next to him is eating is if he's paying for it.

My question is, What is this sickness that girls seem to have with food? Why are we constantly making excuses or comments for how much or how we eat?

Why is it I hear "Well I ate a pint of ice cream last night, But only because Craig broke up with me and finals are coming and I don't usually do it...but...but....but,"?

Why can't we just leave it at, "Oh yeah, I went through a whole pint,"?

Apparently eating has become another thing we all should be self conscious about.

The media tells me so

So it has to be true.

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  1. Food is awesome. XDDD I definitely love food as well. Especially Italian... Or anything involving chocolate. OR CHEESECAKE.

    ...Damn. Now I REALLY want cheesecake. ;-;