Friday, December 25, 2009


My mother has gone on a crusade these last couple of weeks. She's insisting on changing most things about the way we live. I've never talked much about my mother, simply because she's my mother. She's always here. Always around, I've just never had the urge to really talk about her unless the subjects of parents come up.

I'm not exactly sure how to describe my mother, she's kind of like a bi-polar product of the 60's and 70's. Bi-polar in the sense that she'll go and protest war and dolphin killings (The dolphins were my idea) but she'll also sit back at home plotting horrible revenge on others.
She's an extraordinary human being. She spend most of her 20's and 30's taking care of touring bands, many of which were very famous (some still are). She made sure nobody was too drunk (or high) to get on stage and do their job.

You'd think raising children would be a breeze for her.

She's never really treated me like a child, which has it's up's and downs. On one hand, she pretty much sees me (and) treats me like an equal. Which is great because I can talk to her about pretty much everything. On the other hand, because she sees me as her equal she sometimes expects me to be more independent then I actually am.

It's an odd relationship.

Anyway, she's pulling the old "out with the old! In the with new!" Mentality for the new year, which would be fine. Except this year she actually means it.

She's re-arranging the house and talking about colleges and traveling and other things I should be doing.

It's seriously freaking me out.
I don't usually do well with change.

Anyway, my question is - What do you guys want to change/do this year?

Here's my list:
Get License.
Get Annoying-Homeschool-Highschool-Diploma-Signed.
Start in one of the many dog-training schools.
Be out of New England Next Winter.
Host at least one showing of "The Cove" somewhere in Rhode Island. (
Make it so I can visit Hopi at least twice a week.
Get several allergy tests so I can stop getting constant lung-infections. T_T

I have several others, but these are the big ones.
What are yours?


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