Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays/SeeyaStalkers

Hey guys,
I haven't been blogging much, things have been really busy over here in New England, and I really haven't had much to say. But I'm going to be typing up a few little updates a bit later.

I'm currently busy deleting everyone I don't actually *know* off of my contact lists, I've ended up will a bunch of friends-of-friends or random other people I've met once or twice, anyway, I'm sick of random IM's or texts or comments and all that other junk you get while having accounts on the interwebs.

If you ARE one of these people and I'm no longer on your AIM/facebook buddy list (yes, I AM blocking you people), you can stalk/contact me on my twitter page here: <3

It's a terrible stalking tool seeing as I NEVER update it. But It's a good way to get in touch with me.

Anyway, I'll be updating a bit later, lots of exciting news.

In the mean time:

Heres a little video from the other day, it was Uma's first snowstorm. (The German Shepherd in the Orange)

Happy Holidays.

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