Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drivers Ed...

What is it with the scare tactics they use in Drivers ed?

have they been proven to work at all?

Because when I go out and get smashed, I'm totally gonna remember those videos they showed us - and not drive myself home.

because our memories are so clear when we're drunk right?

Drinking impairs your judgment right? That's what they keep saying, can't drink and drive cause drinking impairs your judgment.

So I'm going to be able to judge if I'm too impaired to drive?


That makes SO much sense.

And you know what? That video would have been so much more dramatic if I hadn't seen a member of the victims family kill her husband on law and order last week. Who does the casting for those things?


Anyway, Drivers ed until the 17th, so I'll have late/no updates until everything settles down.


PS: there's a boy in my class that looks like William Beckett. It's kinda insanely adorable.

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