Monday, May 25, 2009

Bill Gates, Guitar Center, Crappy friends, and Horses.

So, I’ve been praying to God, Jesus, Aries, Medusa, The Great Pumpkin, Elvis, John Lennon, And whatever God takes care of computer problems – to save my photos.

After taking a ton of photos Saturday at Anime Boston – I get home last night, plug my micro-chip in – follow all those on screen instructions, and let all my photos download to my computer, then delete all of them off the chip. Turns out something went wrong with the download and Windows didn’t notice. Fuck you Bill Gates! After all the people with all the problems that come with using Windows, I am honestly surprised his life hasn’t been threatened.

Anyway, all my photos have been corrupted.

I’m running a program called Photo Rec or something, that’s trying to get everything back from the chip – so far it’s gotten stuff that I took over a year ago. Not helpful.

On a different spectrum of technological hell – My beloved iPod Crowley is slowly dying. We all know those things are made to break down within a two year period, and frankly I’m surprised this one survived to the one year, six month mark. After all, I’ve gone through five since those things came out. I’m not even hard on them. Thank you Apple for forcing us all to be little consumers.

Unfortunately, I can’t afford a new iPod at the moment. So I’m gonna have to work out my guitar lessons, my voice lessons, and my ENTIRE life – without my music. Pretend I groaned just there – cause I really did.

As for what I did today – I woke up around 11, because my mother wanted to know if I wanted to go out to breakfast. I said sure. Then promptly fell back asleep. This misstep resulted in a very disheveled appearance at a local Ihop.

I also realized how really gross pancakes smell. Has anyone else noticed that? I personally, can’t stand pancakes. I would really like too – kinda like eggs. They’re something I’d LIKE to like, but can’t. Anyway, back to the smell – it’s pretty gross.

After breakfast-, which consisted of myself, my mother, my dog, a neighbor and a bunch of onion rings – we drove out to Guitar Center to pick up a new amp.

I love Guitar Center, and I’m going to be totally honest when I say I don’t know any of my female friends that don’t.

Trina – who plays no instrument, believes the stores sole existence is to allow a place for girls to go watch attractive males play guitar.

We’ve yet to find any evidence that she’s wrong on this front.

I myself, find equal interest in both the cute boys, and the wall of Gibson guitars.

Have any of you ever been there? It’s really hard to pick what to look at.

Really. Really, REALLY hard.

So anyway, after Guitar Center my day turned pretty nostalgic. I was really hit with how much my life has changed since the same time last year.

Earth Fest in Boston is this Saturday. It consists of a bunch of local bands, and a bunch of new eco-friendly vendors giving away free samples. Last year I alone walked off with at least two hundred dollars worth of free stuff.

I went with several very close friends; all of us had a wonderful time, and vowed to go again this year, only with more tote bags for more stuff.

We don’t talk anymore. Well, they don’t talk to ME anymore. There was a big falling out in my group of friends late last summer. And only one or two have talked to me since, and only when they can get away with it – all secret like.

So maybe I’m not going after all this year. Or maybe I’ll bring some of my new friends. Either way – thinking about it completely ruined my day.

I’ve never truly understood how someone can let someone else influence them into treating other people like shit.

What’s with that?

So... right now I’m supposed to be spring-cleaning. But I’m still exhausted from my weekend, so I’m being lazy.

I hung my paper child up today. Took a certificate from Panda’s international I had gotten for one of my before- mentioned friends out of its frame. It was one of those deals where you donate a certain amount of money and it pays for food, or vet visits, or a certain toy for a year for one Giant Panda. I had bought it before last summer with the intent of giving it away as a birthday gift to my panda-crazy friend along with a stuffed panda and a tube of plastic panda’s in different positions. All three have been hanging around my bedroom for the last year…anyone want a tube of pandas?

So anyway, my adorable paper child (seen here) is now hung up behind my desk in a wonderful bamboo frame! I love it.

On a totally different note - I own a horse, he’s an appy and his name is Hopi. And I’ll be the first one to admit owning a horse is way too much trouble then what its worth.

Horse people are completely insane.

Don’t get a horse unless it’s staying on your property.

It’s like high school with whips, and way more therapy. Seriously.

So, I’ve gone to a ton of barns in RI so far. For the above mentioned reasons.

I started out in Escoheag, Rhode Island almost an hour and a half away from my home in Providence. (YES! I know! RI isn’t that long if you go in a straight line! But it is if you take a ton of back roads! ^_^)

I bought my horse from a ranch up there, not only did they sell me problem-pony over here but they also ended up using him as a lesson horse even though he was privately owned. Not knowing a close cousin of mine took trial rides there.

Off to Cranston Hopi Traveled.

The barn in Cranston was huge, and the owner was a typical Cranston women. Loud. Italian. Stubborn. Generally bitchy. But Hopi stayed there for about a year, before I decided to move him to a barn down the road that offered half board, because when you feed your own horse – they learn to respect you.

So we went, happily unaware of the living hell we were going to walk into.

You know how in a pack of wolves – they all fight for the dominate position?

Think that. Only with 40 year old women. One of which is bi-polar without meds and has a gun.

Oh. Joy.

Soooo, back to the before mentioned Cranston barn we went one night – when we were almost physically attacked by a group of old, senile horse women who couldn’t ride to save they’re own lives.

As I said before, don’t get a horse without your own property.

Hopi and I got thrown out of Italian lady’s barn shortly after because “Those people down at Mikes are spreading rumors – and I don’t want to deal with the drama”

Oh wow. Thanks.

So, off to Foster Hopi went. He stayed in one barn for one night only, when after really looking at the stalls more closely, it was made very apparent that broken legs were easily a threat.

We then moved to a lovely place called Nordland. Where we’ve been for a little over a year now. It was one of those places you used to see on the Saddle club or similar TV shows. Everyone got along (mostly) the owner mothered everyone, taught everyone, the trainer was amazing – never freaking out or screaming, and everyone basically just went and enjoyed their horses.

But now, with the mix of a failing economy and several personal issues, the barn has to close.

Took me forever, but I finally found a place to go, I can afford it. I’ll be the only boarder at what once was a really high-class show barn – which still has all its equipment. It’s a good match for Hopi and I.

But its sad to have to leave a place you feel so close too. Even if you really aren’t.

So, anyway, they close in six days, and I’ve yet to find someone to transport Hopi. Or get a hold of the owner of my current barn for grain types and schedules.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

Anyway, My program recovered everything it could. Got 19 photos out of over 300 back.

That’s Insanely depressing

Enough of my ramblings, I’m off to vacuum!

Till tomorrow!



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  1. Aw, Brianna. This was so cute. I loved it.

    Hahah, at the guitar center part.

    And I have some good news about Earth day? I might be able to go, I told my parents about it and they seemed really excited. Downside, they want to come too.

    I'm a bit confuzzled about the smell of pancakes! I love the smell of pancakes sizzling on the grill. OMFG YOU WENT TO IHOP? I LOVE IHOP. Except there's like none where i live and it really really sucks. Next time, I visit, we're going to IHOP.

    I'm sowee about your camera, maybe your program can recover more images. And Whoa, how many iPods have you gone through? I'm sowee. That really sucks. Bad Apple!

    I enjoyed hearing about the story of Hoppi switching to different barns? Crazy loud old italian women? Please do tell!
    Fate works in the most strangest ways...

    <3 Trina